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What do Asians prefer?

2 Nov 11

Credit: tbchris
What do Asians prefer?
Asian support splits almost equally between Labour and National

Which main party do the main ethnic groups pefer to lead the next coalition government?


The November 1-2 RadioLIVE-HorizonPoll, still underway, finds that across New Zealand:


  • 37.7% of Asians would prefer a Labour-led coalition to govern after the election, 36.1% prefer a National-led one and 26.2% are not sure


  • 53% of Indians prefer Labour-led, 46.9% National-led


  • 52.3% of Maori prefer Labour-led, 24.6% National-led


  • 48.6% of European/ Pakehas prefer National-led, 38.6% Labour led.

The poll covers 1330 respondents. Weighted. Maximum margin of error +/- 2.7%


The Herald on November 2 published this story, after interviewing 36 Asians in Auckland and finding 16 voting for National, concluding: "Asian voters are backing John Key and National this election, and Labour is facing an uphill task trying to convince them to vote
against the trend."


A sub sample of the size the Herald has for Auckland only, has amaximum margin of error of +/- 16.3%.