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71.5% say media people less credible when they accept non-media cash

6 May 12

Credit: NewstalkZB
71.5% say media people less credible when they accept non-media cash
Mike Hosking ...66.6% of his radio listeners think non-media payments lessen credibility

71.5% of New Zealanders think media people who accept cash or other benefits from a non-media organisation are less credible when doing their news work.


66.6% of NewstalkZB listeners think this way.


The radio station’s breakfast presenter, Mike Hosking, has reportedly stood earn up to $48,000 this year in cash and perks from SkyCity casino, according to the Herald on Sunday.


Television New Zealand, for which Mr Hosking stands in to present the Close Up current affairs programme, has reportedly banned him from conducting SkyCity –related interviews as a result of the Herald on Sunday report.


A survey of 2,326 New Zealanders nationwide from April 24-27, 2012, finds:


  • 61.3% of New Zealanders think members of the media should not accept payments or other benefits from non-media companies (55.3% of NewstalkZB listeners)
  • 16.2% only approve of accepting payments and benefits (18.4% NewstalkZB listeners)
  • 9.9% only think payments should not be declared to recipients’ media employers, their audiences and the public
  • 71.5% think a media person accepting payments or benefits is less credible when doing their news work (66.5% NewstalkZB). 1% only think they are more credible (0.3% NewstalkZB listeners)

The survey interviewed 2,326 adult New Zealanders (including 400 NewstalkZB listeners or online web service users). Weighted by age, gender, ethnicity, region, personal income and party vote 2011, h survey has a maximum margin of error +/- 2% on the national sample and +/- 4.9% on NewstalkZB sub sample.


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