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65% yes for convention centre, 57% no to SkyCity deal

12 Oct 12

65% yes for convention centre, 57% no to SkyCity deal

Putting aside the issue of who should operate it, 65% of New Zealanders want an international convention centre built at Auckland.


18% oppose, while 17% don’t know.


However, 56.9% oppose the idea of Government passing special legislation to provide SkyCity with additional gaming machines, tables and other benefits in return for building a $350 million convention centre.


24.6% support this trade off, while 13.4% are neutral and 17% don’t know.


57.6% believe there have been behind-the-scenes discussions between the Prime Minister, John Key, and SkyCity while a competitive tender process was under way.


If they have occured, 68.4% find that unacceptable, 13.5% find it acceptable while 17% are neutral on the issue.


57.6% think there should be an independent inquiry into the tendering process.


Asked if, in principle, any company should be able to secure special changes to the law in return for the economic benefits it might provide through a development


  • 24.6% support this
  • 59.8% oppose, while
  • 19.2% are not sure.

Results are from an HorizonPoll survey of 2,326 respondents aged 18%, conducted between April 24 and 27, 2012. Weighted the maximum margin of error is +/- 2%.


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