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Why businesses back charities

28 Aug 12

Credit: TVNZ
Why businesses back charities
Business on charities: "It's the right thing to do."

New research has been released on how businesses view charities.


The HorizonPoll research, conducted for Inspiring Communities with the support of Internal Affairs - Charities (formerly the Charities Commission) and the Sustainable Business Council, reveals what drives businesses to support charities.


The survey of more than 900 businesses finds they overwhelmingly view their support and relationship with community organisations as ‘the right thing to do’, rather than a strategic opportunity to further their business objectives through their support of the community.


88% of businesses currently support community organisations for the following reasons:


  • Right thing to do 66%
  • Fulfilled wishes of directors or shareholders 39%
  • Fulfilled organisational goals or strategies 30%
  • Improved staff moral and/or productivity 27%


Less than a third of respondents state business drivers as a reason for supporting a charity, rather they do it for more philanthropic reasons.


The full report can be downloaded here.


The report and other supporting documents a and guides developed as a result of the research are online here


Several hundred HorizonPoll respondents indicated they wanted more information from Internal Affairs- Charities and it will now be in touch with them.