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"Awesome!" - no job but $1759 richer!

1 Jul 13

Credit: best of otago
"Awesome!" - no job but $1759 richer!
Dunedin - home of our latest winner, where the cash is coming in handy!

The winner of Horizon's June 30 $1000 cash and $759 iPad4 prize is a Dunedin administration worker - who's currently looking for a job.


Mel's first reaction to news of her win was: "That's awesome!"


She's now deciding wether to take the cash and iPad - or the lot in cash: $1759!


Mel has been completing HorizonPoll surveys since 2010 and says it's a good use of her tme - "and when you win stuff like this it's worth it!"


She is "not working at the moment", is looking for a job - and says the job market is a bit tough in Dunedin.


The cash and iPad prizes are offered to all members of Horizon's panels as our way of saying thanks for your time.  All members are now in a September 30 draw for $1000 cash and an iPad 4!


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