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Mass mistrust of contactless transaction credit cards

23 Dec 13

Mass mistrust of contactless transaction credit cards
Contactless cards... 45 in 100 credit card holders have safety doubts

New Zealanders mistrust contactless transaction credit cards.


Major credit cards have introduced a service through which users can wave or tap a credit card to pay for transactions with a value of up to $80. There is no need to enter a pin number or sign a transaction form.


A new survey finds about 718,900 adults have a contactless transaction card.


However, while 337,600 say they like it 381,300 say they wish they didn’t have it on their card.


And over 1.1 million card holders who currently don’t have contactless cards say they don’t want one.


Overall, 44.7% of adult credit card holders nationwide don’t believe there are sufficient safeguards.


Of the 2,772 respondents to the Horizon Research nationwide survey, 490 left comments saying how they felt about the new technology.


Most were worried about the possibility of unauthorised transactions and many complained their card providers would not give them an option to go without the technology.

Comments include:

“Already the companies pushing this technology are refusing to acknowledge clients problems with the cards – e.g. transactions being booked up that have not been swiped for, technology too sensitive and not enough safeguards. If they won't listen and fix these issues, then I won't use it. We need more human interaction guys, not less.”

 “Anybody who gets hold of my contactless card could have a ball.”

“Anyone could use can you be sure who is using it?”

“Although I find it nifty to use (I) have some doubts about security but as it's only up to $80. Happy to take the risk for now.”




Which of the following statements best describe your attitude to contactless payments?


It speeds up payments



It is better when there is a queue



I don't think it speeds up queues



There are good safeguards in place to protect card holders



I don't believe there are sufficient safeguards



I would prefer to have contactless technology in my credit card



I would prefer not to have contactless technology in my credit card



I wish more businesses had contactless technology in their EFTPOS terminals



I try to avoid buying from businesses that have contactless technology in their EFTPPOS terminals



I prefer to insert my card in the EFTPOS terminal just as I always have



The survey involved interviews with members of the specialist HorizonPoll online research panel, representing the adult population at the last census.



Results are weighted by age, gender, personal income, ethnicity, region, personal income and employment status to ensure a representative population sample. At a 95% confidence level the maximum margin of error is +/- 1.9%.



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