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PM's credibility problem

1 Sep 14

PM's credibility problem

Polling is confirming Prime Minister John Key has credibility issues regarding claims made in the Nicky Hager book "Dirty Politics".

A Colmar-Brunton poll for TVNZ, results of which were broadcast on August 31, asked if people believed John Key when he says he was not personally informed about the release of SIS information to blogger Cameron Slater.

While 41% said they do believe him, 44% say they don’t and 14% said they didn’t know.

The result indicated disbelief in the Prime Minister's position had hardened since an August 18-25 HorizonPoll which asked:

Do you believe or disbelieve the allegation that the Prime Minister's office worked to provide Mr Slater with a SIS briefing document which was then  used to attack (then Opposition Leader) Mr Goff?

The HorizonPoll found 33.3% believe this claim, 11.5% don’t believe it, while 33.3% said they would need more information before they could say.

Horizon also asked whether or not respondents believed Mr Key knew in advance of some attacks being planned by pro-National bloggers.

51.6% (the equivalent of about 1,650,600 adults) believe the Prime Minister knew in advance.18.4% disbelieve this.

Horizon undertook the research on Political Conduct in the public interest. Our full report, made available to political leaders, and the public and media, is here.