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The great decision: iPad for 10,12 year-olds?

19 Jan 15

Credit: mommymoment
The great decision: iPad for 10,12 year-olds?
"Ever since we got the touch pads my kids aren't glued to television!"

Is it time for 10 and 12 year-olds to have an iPad?


That’s the decision the winner of our $1000 cash and $759 iPad air prize draw is making.

Auckland father of two Angus says: “No doubt certain people will be queuing for it.

They’re just at the age where you have to decide if there are limits to the time spent using it.”


He has been a HorizonPoll panel member since June 2011 and says completing our polls “is certainly very interesting”.


The prize win is “pretty good to hear, a good way to start the year and pretty unusual”!


Angus and all members of Horizon’s research panels are in our next draw on March 31 for $1000 cash and an iPad Air valued at $759 – or you can take the lot in cash: $1759!

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