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What New Zealanders think of their print media

4 Apr 16

What New Zealanders think of their print media
Only 9% find their print media totally credible

Only 9% of adults find the newspapers and magazines they use totally credible: there is a nett credibility gap overall of -16%.
Only 36% feel their newspapers and magazines are doing as well as they possibly can, and there is a large number planning to stop buying them or who will definitely or might stop using them - equivalent to an audience loss of another 447,785 New Zealanders nationwide. 

Only 2% of adults think their newspapers and magazines know exactly what they're interested in, a survey by Horizon Research finds. 

There are significant opportunities to improve services and develop new pay-for ones at a time print news media are struggling with falling sales and revenues, despite transferring readers to online services.

The most recent annual report to shareholders by NZME, which owns the Herald other newspaper and magazines and a network of radio stations, including NewstalkZB, illustrates that while online audiences might rise, financial performance deteriorates.  NZME decided not to go ahead with an IPO (issuing more shares for sale) as a result.

Nielsen research found the newspapers it measured in the year to March 2015 lost 790 million readers (including 290 million lost readers of inserts).
Topline results of the HorizonPoll, indicating the depth of service and credibility issues facing some media, for which credibility is a key part of their service and brand promise, are:
Thinking about the magazines and newspapers you use, how do you feel they are serving you? ALL
 As well as they possibly can 36%
 They could do better 30%
They could offer me new content 13%
I find they are totally credible 9%
I think they lack a bit of credibility 21%
I think they have no credibility 4%
I feel they are an essential part of my life 13%
They could offer me new services 5%
They do well enough for me to continue using them 34%
I find their advertising interesting 7%
I often act after reading or hearing a media advertisement 4%
I think they're fun to have 10%
I think they are very informative 25%
I think they fully inform me 7%
They know exactly what I'm interested in 2%
I love reading them 17%
I like using the video and radio services some offer with their web sites 5%
I like to keep them around my home or office 9%
I have been growing unhappy with them over time 14%
I might stop using them 8%
I will definitely stop using them 2%
I might stop buying them 4%
I will definitely stop subscribing 2%
I have a feeling they don't completely meet my needs 12%
I would like them to really understand what I most want 4%
None of these 9%
Totally credible 9%
Lack credibility 25%
Net credibility -16%
N (unweighted) 1701
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