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She says "take the iPhone"!

5 Jul 16

She says "take the iPhone"!

He wanted the cash, but his wife says he needs a new iPhone and he'd never buy one himself.

So Charles, of Waikane, north of Wellington, the winner of our June 30 prize draw, says send him $1000 cash and a new iPhone 6!

Charles has been completing Horizon's polls since 2011.

"I haven't realised how often I've done them. It's something I intend to do if it's going to make a difference to the place we live."

All members of Horizon's panels, HorizonPoll (representing the adult population as the last census) and Horizon Research Maori Panel (representing the adult Maori population) are in our next draw on September 30, 2016!

The draw is for $1000 cash and your choice of an iPad Air (value $759), or 16GB iPhone 6 (value $1079). Or you can take the lot in cash: $2079!

To join the panel (it's free) - and be heard, like Charles - simply click here right now.