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Know what your customers will "definitely" buy

22 Aug 17

Know what your customers will "definitely" buy

SalesAdvantage is here.

It will help you profit from the power of knowing what each of your customers most wants and then offer them what they will "definitely buy".

Your offers can be made the moment your customers say they want them by using Horizon Research's new cloud-based SalesAdvantage service.

Through SalesAdvantage your customers tell you about themselves, what they plan to do and need. And you make them the offers which precisely meet their needs.

You can also communicate with each one of them based on their profiles, needs and desires.

It’s the next leap from using big data – predictions based on past behaviour.

It adds significantly to your the ability to research your customers, but then intimately serve each one with exactly what they most want.

Using SalesAdvantage, you’ll find how many of your customers want specific offers at what prices. You can then offer groups of customers the deals they say will “definitely” accept.

Using SalesAdvantage you'll quickly

  • model your best offers based on your customers' preferences about the offer type, price and time they want to buy
  • calculate maximum gross profit and sales volumes for each type of offer you want to make, then
  • e-mail your pesonalised offers directly to willing buyers.

SalesAdvantage delivers this service.

The unique offering is based on more than 11 years of robust online research platform development and proof of concept investment - through a special 12,000-member New Zealand adult consumer panel.

SalesAdvantage allows you to:

  • know more about your customers and personally offer them what they want, when they want it - and on the most profitable basis.

For customers the promise is: Say what you want, get what you want.

For your business the promise is: Know what they want, when they want it, instantly determine what offers will work best - and increase sales and profits.

At the same time SalesAdvantage allows you to enhance customer experiences, loyalty and life time values. It also delivers you and your suppliers a wealth of research and market intelligence.


Our research indicates that 32%  feel that retailers and loyalty programmes don't know what they really want, for what prices and when, yet

  • 57% of customers on your database will tell you exactly what they want - and the best offers to make to them: enhancing sales, profits and loyalty.

A report on this research, involving interviews of 2,199 adult consumers, is available to you when you meet with us to explore how to profit from using SalesAdvantage.

This report details membership of major loyalty and retail schemes, customer satisfaction with each one, channels through which they are receiving offers, channels they would prefer, channels they are buying through and which would result in highest sales; types of offers (like cash, percentage discounts, free gifts) most preferred and which are working best - for which loyalty programme.


Seamlessly add the power of SalesAdvantage your current loyalty programmes.

It runs alongside, with seamless branding, to survey your customers and determine what they want, model best offers - and deliver them.


SalesAdvantage offers a unique opportunity to further:

  • Unlock additional value from customer databases
  • Discover what customers want and when
  • Increase sales by making customers the most appealing offers when they want them
  • Invigorate customer loyalty programmes
  • Align strategy, spending and messages
  • Prioritise objectives and spending
  • Direct spending and effort towards moments of maximum influence
  • Inform stock selection and sales offerings
  • Deepen understanding of the customer’s pre and post transaction experience
  • Improve loyalty – and reduce the opportunities for competitive brands to disrupt your customer’s buying journey
  • Drive word of mouth – member get member – database growth
  • Distinguish active from passively loyal customer
  • More effectively use resources to provide customers with information, support and the experience they want to reach purchasing decisions, rather than push products on them
  • Interact effectively with customers to increase sales and individual customer value.

A simple dynamic tool to let customers tell you what is best for them.


To explore how Salesadvantage may enhance your sales please contact:

Graeme Colman, Principal, Horizon Research and AudienceAdvantage: Telephone +64 21 848576. E-mail

Grant McInman, Manager, Horizon Research, CEO AudienceAdvantage: Telephone +64 21 07462040. E-mail