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This time she's caught the big one!

4 Oct 16

This time she's caught the big one!
You can catch the big one in our next draw, December 31!

This time the big one didn’t get away…

The winner of our September 30, 2016, HorizonPoll prize draw says she’s a “little weekend fisher”.

And Moira, the Palmerston North office worker, who’s been completing Horizon’s surveys since August 2010, says she particularly enjoyed one on how many fish recreational fishers should be allowed to catch.

The survey was undertaken during debate over setting lower catch limits.

“I love doing your surveys. They’re fantastic. It’s good having your say, to get your thoughts out there and hope someday it might help make a little difference. I never for one moment thought I’d win your prize!”

Given the choice of taking $1000 cash and a choice of iPad Air, iPhone 6 or iPhone7 – or the lot in cash, Moira has chosen the cash: $2199.

“You’ve totally made my day. I think the cash will be good, given Christmas is coming. And the car needs some work. I am still reeling from your phone call and grinning like a Cheshire cat!

 “Thank you so very – very much, you have no idea how much of a godsend winning this prize is.”

All members of Horizon’s panels are in the next draw on December 30.

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