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77% of younger adults streaming movies online

3 Oct 17

Credit: IBT
77% of younger adults streaming movies online
You Tube dominates among younger Kiwis streaming content

77% of the country’s 18-24 year-olds have viewed a movie online in the past month.

A Horizon Research survey of content younger New Zealanders have viewed by streaming online, either to a mobile device or TV set (not a programme broadcast to a television set), also finds 58% have streamed music.

The next highest categories, at 32% each, are documentaries and drama, including soap opera serials.

29% have streamed sports, 27% news and 11% arts content. 2% are streaming other content types and 7% are not streaming.

The most used services to view the content online are You Tube (79%), Netflix (70%), TVNZ On Demand (40%) and Putlocker (34%).

16% are using Chromecast, 13% TV3 on demand, 11% Sky on demand, 10% LIghtbox, 7% Sky Neon and 4% Sky Go. 2% are using other services and 5% none of these services.

The survey was of 255 respondents nationwide aged 18-24 who are members of Horizon’s national adult panel, recruited and updated to represent the population at the most recent census. At a 95% confidence level the maximum margin of error is +/-6.3%.

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