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Lightning strikes the same place twice!

7 Oct 19

Credit: Metservice
Lightning strikes the same place twice!
Ligthning strike twice: happier Christmas for our big prize winner

When he won Horizon's major quarterly prize draw in 2011 we joked that lightning could stike twice. It has.

Eli, of Whangaparoa, Auckland, has won our September 30 major quarterly prize draw for $2,199.

When he first won eight years ago he was single.

Now he is married with children aged 6, 5,4 and 2.

And he says the prize win will help give them a good Christmas.

"I'm over the moon. Seriously, it couldn't have come at a better time. Someone at the office today noted there were just 11 weeks to Christmas."

"I was just thinking about my previous win the day before you contacted me about the second. How crazy it was to see your e-mail."

Every member's in the next draw!

There's another chance for all Horizon panel members to win again - in our draw for all those who belong at December 31 this year.

The prize is $1000 cash and the latest iPad Pro (valued at $1199). If you win you can opt to take the lot in cash: $2199!

You get an extra entry in the next draw for every survey you complete.

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