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It was April Fools Day - but we weren't joking!

1 Apr 20

It was April Fools Day - but we weren't joking!

April 1 is perhaps not the best time to advise someone they’ve won our major prize draw.

Our winner says: “I did wonder when I heard your message on my mobile if you were having me on. But you’ve staggered me. This couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Bill B, of Fielding, who says of his age “you can say I’ve now left the 70’s behind”, plans to put the $2,100 cash win to good use.

He says his wife is suffering from alzheimer’s and “we need a little help. It will go towards things that help”.

After sending us his bank account number so he could be paid Bill planned to set off on one of the bike rides that keep him fit.

The former sawmill manager, who served in the army as a young man, has completed 54 HorizonPoll surveys since joining our national panel in 2013.

“Your surveys are good. I just got the result of one yesterday on the cannabis referendum. I was dead against it (legalising personal use), but hey you’ve got to be a bit more liberal now and take it back from the gangs.”

Bill says, with the COVID-19 pandemic he feels sorry for a lot of the younger people: “The world won’t be the same again”.

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All members of our HorizonPoll and Horizon Research Maori panels are now in the next major prize draw on June 30, 2020.

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