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Quakes stressing 80% of Cantabrians – 1% will quit region

27 Sep 10

Credit: Gobirnie
Quakes stressing 80% of Cantabrians – 1% will quit region
The quakes and its aftermath are stressing 79% of people in Canterbury

Nearly 80% of people in Canterbury are describing the level of hardship they’re experiencing as a result of the earthquakes as stressful.


Ten per cent say it is very stressful, according to a new HorizonPoll survey.


26% report it is stressful, 41% slightly stressful. Only 20% say they’re not stressed.


People on lower incomes and households occupied by extended families, single parents with two or more children, and single parents and with three or more children are the most stressed.


Technical and skilled workers (29%), homemakers (28%) and unemployed and beneficiaries (27%) report being very stressed.


All groups earning less than $70,000 a year report considerable stress levels.


The HorizonPoll survey covered 378 people in Christchurch, Waimakariri and Ashburton council areas between last Thursday afternoon and Sunday (September 23 to 26) to gauge how people are managing and capture their views on how the recovery should be managed from here. Weighted, it has a maximum margin of error of +/- 5.1%.


It finds:


  • 6% saying are still out of their homes following the September 4 quake
  • 3% say they won’t live in their homes again
  • 10% are uninsured
  • 10% are not insured at all
  • 70% feel adequately insured
  • 64% have filed a claim with the Earthquake Commission
  • 8% have had their homes inspected by the commission
  • Only 6% have had their claims accepted and 3% had them paid so far.

Some 90% say they will continue to live in Canterbury, 9% don’t know and 2% say they won’t. Asked if they will leave Canterbury as a result of the quakes 1% say yes.


Furhter results are being published progressively by HorizonPoll and The Press newsaper in Christchurch.

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