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Major prize winner off to see family in Oz

19 Jan 22

Major prize winner off to see family in Oz
Major prize being spent to see family

Hatfields Beach, Auckland, superannuitant Valerie W has won our major $2,199 prize draw.

And she’ll use her win to pay for a trip to Australia to end a long wait to see family there.

Having been an active HorizonPoll panel member since 2010, she said she could hardly believe that she had won the prize.

Have certainly proved the old saying - Good things come to those who wait.

With the world in lockdown, Valerie has been waiting to see her new family members overseas for a while and now cannot wait to get over to Australia to meet them and relax with some extra spending money for herself.

All members of Horizon’s HorizonPoll and Māori Research Panels at December 31 were in the draw. And all members are now automatically in our next major prize draw on March 30, 2022.

Get your friends in

Wikitoria L, who lives in the Hutt near Wellington, has won our $500 draw for those who invited friends and others to join the HorizonPoll panel.

Wikitoria joined up in October last year and made a great effort to share the work being done at Horizon Research with those she knew and was surprised to have won.

That's unexpected but great news!” she said of her win.

Next Draw

All members of our nationwide HorizonPoll and Horizon Research Māori panels are now automatically entered in our next major prize draw on March 30, 2022.

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