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Julia Ord - Horizon's Manager

20 Mar 22

Julia Ord - Horizon's Manager

Julia is Horizon's Manager and the primary contact for our clients.

She helps you prepare surveys and advises on the best approaches to using Horizon’s services.

She is a skilled Customer Experience and Insights professional who understands that the customer needs to be championed throughout the business to ensure success.

Julia has more than 20 years’ experience in research, variously working with highly reputable companies such as TSB New Zealand, Fonterra, HSBC, Unilever and Ford.

Julia knows how to ensure business decisions come from a customer centric point of view.

Her problem solving and analysis skills come from extensive experience looking into information to identify issues and understand the needs of consumers, different markets and the business or organisation.

She is skilled in Continuous Improvement: continually looking at projects and ideas to understand how they can remain effective for businesses, organisations and customers.

She has worked with global research companies, both in New Zealand and London, Hong Kong and Australia.

Julia has won awards for her consumer-research studies: Diageo media impact study – Commendation Media Federation Awards;  Affluence study among high net worth consumers – MindShare Asia Pacific Insights Award.


Telephone: +64 27 706 8790