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Major prize winner donates to Ukraine

7 Apr 22

Major prize winner donates to Ukraine
Prize winner helps Ukraine relief

The winner of our March 30 2022 major prize draw is donating $250 of it to the Ukraine Relief Fund.

Nelson businessman Tim B is then going to use the rest of the $2,199 to fund a long-disrupted overses trip to catch up with family.

"We'll use the balance to pay for tickets to Vancouver next year to visit my brother who we have not seen in four years. We had planned to go in May 2020 but Covid put paid to that - and the loss of tickets."

Tim's name was drawn from all those who were members of our HorizonPoll and Horizon Research Māori panels at March 31, 2022!

All members are automatically in the next draw for an iPad Pro valued at $1,199 and $1000 cash on June 30, 2022! Like Tim, the winner can elect to take the lot in cash!

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