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Temptation equals... $2,199 worth of dictionaries?

8 Apr 24

Temptation equals... $2,199 worth of dictionaries?

Temptation for our March 31, 2024, major prize draw winner is buying 20 volumes of a dictionary!

Anna, of the Waikato, won our prize draw for an iPad Pro and $1000 cash - or her choice of taking $2,199 cash. She chose the cash!

When asked about what she will do with the money she said:  “I was tempted to buy the 20 volume Oxford English Dictionary (almost 22,000 words) with the money, but will probably bank it for the moment.”

She enjoys doing Horizon's surveys because she finds the issues interesting and likes having a say.

$500 cash winner - April end of life choice survey!

Cara W, of Waimakariri District, has won the $500 cash prize draw, made from among those who completed our April 2024 End of Life Choice policy issues survey.

She’s says she's excited to have won. She found the survey very interesting on a very important topic.

Cash for surveys!

Horizon will be continuing one-off prize draws from time to time - abut now also gives you the opportunity to earn cash for doing surveys - and redeem your earnings using Gift Cards!

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