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So how are Radio NZ listeners voting?

18 Feb 11

So how are Radio NZ listeners voting?
More National Programme listeners favour National over Labour

How do Radio New Zealand's National Programme listeners actually vote?


New Zealand Herald media columnist John Drinnan reported this morning Prime Minister John Key was expected to start giving interviews to Radion New Zealand's Morning Report, which he has been avoiding.


Drinnan said:" ..a well-placed source said this Government saw RNZ listeners as Labour voters who were unlikely to vote for National, so why bother outside election year? Which sounds a bit naive, doesn't it?"


Horizon Research finds, as recently as in the past two days, that National Radio listeners generally vote for political parties in the same proportions as the adult population overall.


In February 2011 National Programme listeners are tending to vote slightly more for the National, Labour and Green parties compared with all voters, according to HorizonPoll.


This week, National Programme listeners are inclined to support National by 1.8% more than the New Zealand voting age population.


They were more inclined than the rest of New Zealand to vote ACT in September last year, but the number of RNZ listeners supporting ACT has fallen from 3.8% in September 2010 to 1.7% in February 2011. ACT support among the adult voting population overall has fallen from 2.7% at the last general election to 1.8% this week.


For detail comparing National Radio Programme listeners' voting intentions in September last year and February 16-18 , 2011, and against 2008 election results, click here.